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Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. I am Julie and I am a local from the province of Surigao del Sur and is currently residing here in Davao City. I am a full-time Human Resource practitioner and a minimalist in the making.

For whatever reason of how you arrived at this blog, I would like to thank you first for the visit and much more to those who will leave comments and will share my posts and subscribe. Thank you!
Since you’re already here, allow me to share more about myself. I love food and coffee in as much as I love makeup, art, fashion, traveling, taking photos, making a scrapbook, collecting cookie jars and doing and learning something new. And with all of these random things I do and I want to do, I end up with a lot of excess baggage (literally and figuratively). I found myself collecting things and ended up too busy organizing them but actually not using them at all. Also, I have this tendency of keeping wrong people or even nurturing feelings for them which eventually causes unhealthy relationships and actually not helpful for me at all. At times, I hold on and settle into situations I know I better off let go. And this is something I really want to work on.

And so there’s the birth of this blog site. Come and join me on my journey to keeping things around as simple as possible, as functional and useful as possible and most of all in understanding that having less is becoming more. This is gonna be a work in progress and sorry for any inconvenience along the way.


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