Discovering Minimalism

It was about 3 years ago when I started to set up this blog site to document and share my minimalism journey. At that time, all I think about was just to have an organized space/room. I just want to organize my things that’s it. And so I always thought of having a lot of storage because of the things I own. Before, I usually like to collect photos/albums and make scrapbooks. I also have a lot of souvenir items both from my travels and from my friends. And the very common to most girls if not all, is having a lot of clothes in which I believe is not a problem if that works for you. But as for me, I would say that I’m a kind of sentimental person. I always make sure that I got remembrance from every events and occasion I’ve been to. Then I realize that me wanting to own a lot of storage is because of my interest also of collecting stuff. Then that became a cycle. I became a hoarder but I know I was happy at that time. I love the fact that anytime I can just browse my photo albums and scrapbooks with my friends to reminisce good old days. I also enjoyed the mix and matching of my clothes and even organizing my stuff. I love seeing them arranged and well-taken care off.

But there were lots of weekends when I actually do my home chores especially cleaning my room but I never felt that I finish my tasks. There were also many times when I cannot focus on what I want to do because I easily divert my attention to random things around me. There were even times when I couldn’t join the get together of my family and friends because I always thought that I have a lot of things to do at home. And I had this mindset that it’s okay not to do the laundry because I still have a lot of clothes to wear. And that all became a problem. I realize that the material things gave me bad hobbies. I became undisciplined, moody, and less focus. I realize that I spend too much time organizing my things and at that time I thought that doing so was a productive activity but I was wrong. It actually hinders me from doing those much more important tasks.

And so I know I have to do something with all my stuff. I started with my shoes…next were my clothes. I make sure to have a declutter session every month or every other week. But the process wasn’t easy. There were a lot of times when I declutter but there were also random window shopping’s turned into impulsive buying. So though I was able to let go some of my stuff but I was not aware enough that I slowly add up things. At that time, I know I was already starting the “minimalism” journey but wasn’t aware of the particular term. Then slowly I tried to be stricter when I do my decluttering sessions. As much as possible I only have the option to “keep” or “let go” a specific stuff. If it’s too difficult for me to decide, I have this purgatory space where I put those things and give a maximum of two weeks period…and if unused then they’re supposed to go. It’s either I give them away, donate, sell or dispose of.

With my continuous declutter sessions monthly, I have to say I am now reaping the benefits of living with less. I realize that there’s more productivity when you own less. You’ll get to focus more on your priorities…those that actually matters…what are essential and meaningful…those things that are valuable to my life.

When I finally owned lesser things, it was the perfect time to create more space for what is more important. Surprisingly, along the process, I realize that there’s more to minimalism than just about getting rid of stuff. It has helped me achieve my goals and pursue activities that are more meaningful. For now, I’m still on a continuous work in progress…from time to time I do discover new learnings and ideas on how this kind of lifestyle works for me and others. More about the benefits of minimalism on my next posts.

For now, that would be all. Thanks for reading.

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