Are you living a brighter life?

While most people do not like the idea of securing a life insurance (and that includes me), I would have to say that after the Sun Life’s Live Brighter Forum last March 17, 2018, I came to realize that I could have availed one at an early age. However, I know that it is not yet too late to achieve this goal. To be secured, protected and most importantly to have a peace of mind.

During the forum, I learn a lot about setting perspective on one’s life. Things about how living a brighter life can be achieved. If you want to keep your standard of living, you need to have protection, said Ms. Eunice Aton, Sun Life’s Regional Sales Manager. I was inspired and had to ponder a lot of things and personal plans this year. That being said, check out the following for some of my takeaways from the forum.

Sun Life main goal is to help clients achieve financial security. In order to do that, they have this customizable financial planning approach which they call as Money for life stages.

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Getting Started
Building Independence and confidence
Moving Up
Prioritizing family above all
Preparing Ahead
Nurturing health and wealth
Leaving A legacy
Ensuring lasting golden years

To do all these, a Sun  Life Financial Advisor helps you plan and develop the best product solution for every life stage. Sun Life is proud that aside from the clients, their Financial Advisors themselves are also living a brighter life.

I learned from Ms.Aimee Fracisco, Sun Life’s Unit Manager and Ms.Joy Lumagsao, Sun Life’s Financial Advisor, that each of us has 100 % chance of success. We just need to be persistent and be a follower of the guidelines set to whatever challenges is given to us. That all of us has our capacity that needs to be unleashed and that which we do not know we can actually do or overcome it.
I am definitely for a brighter life. But the question is, am I living a brighter life? How about you?

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