What’s Up? Vol. 2

Hey there! What do I have to say? Life recently has been quite boring at the same time exhausting. Things about this certain struggle are slowly pulling me down. In as much as I would like to keep things going, it just feels like useless anymore. I am actually afraid that this day would come:(
Anyhow, I learned that diverting your attention to things that you like doing is always important. This time, I get to value the most the time I spent watching movies, cleaning our house and ofcourse treating the self. Hehe. I guess those little things will keep us going.

What else that I have been up to lately?

  • Let Go of 2,018 things challenge ongoing
  • Cream cheese matcha on a weekend
  • First time to go to work straight for 12 days
  • Wasted time in a coffee shop
  • Carbs craving achieved at Ice Giant with Karla and Liezel
  • General cleaning done!
  • Trip to Davao with Highschool buddies
  • Cold iced beer on a beachfront moment again.
  • Food trip at home with workmates
  • Spend time with Auntie and Baby IC
  • Pork Mami and BBQ along the street

These have been the highlights for the past days and yes life goes on. See you in my next post!

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