What’s up? Vol. 1

And just like that January 2018 is ending real quick. So what has been up to me? Well…aside from welcoming 2018, my year started with a celebration of a successful project I had last December 2017 together with my highschool buddies. That was a tough one. I almost gave up and I think most of my closest friends knew about it. They knew that I cannot just give up. Haha. Never mind! Let’s all leave that to 2017.

After my 2 weeks holiday vacation, I left my hometown and tried to only bring with me happy thoughts and good vibes to kick off my 2018 life here in the city. Then I had to attend a friend’s wedding and I was also one of the bridesmaids. It was also seemed to be a mini-reunion of me and my former colleagues. The wedding rekindles that feeling of being loved. Ayeee and yes! Love really was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me and surely the same and still the most beautiful thing that will happen someday. But wait…let me go back to the main topic here. haha!

So there, the first working day has started. It was not a good start though and still struggling up to now with all these unending demands. However, it’s always during this time where you get to figure things out both the good or the bad side of it. I believe we all go through each side of every situation because it’s always part of the process. At the end of the day, what is important from any type of experience is you get to understand things and most importantly learn from it.

Also loved that I was able to do my old hobbies during the first month of the year. I visited this night market near our house where I usually spend my weekends during those chill rest days way back then. Got back to preparing my lunch and snacks at work as well. Yey! Sanity is real!

This month I also started a challenge to help me achieve my minimalist lifestyle. I accepted the challenge of owning less by giving away more of my material things. I am targeting to give 2,018 stuff. That’s obviously because of our new year. It might be difficult but I am eager to finish the challenge successfully.

I guess that would be all for my January 2018. What’s next? February maybe? hahaha!

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