Macao Imperial Tea in Davao

Milktea lovers alert! The newest addition to Davao Milktea shops just opened a week ago. Macao Imperial Tea, one of the fastest-growing cafe chains is proudly born in the vibrant place Macao. They offer high quality, tasty and most importantly reasonable price in their menu. Aside from milk tea, they also offer coffee, soda, even cakes and pastries which you can avail from their wide choice of series and flavors. Want to know more from their menu?I got the chance to try their food and drinks during the food tasting event they had for the Davao Digital Influencers. Their drinks ranges from 90php to 195php while their cakes and breads ranges from 55php-140php. Reasonable prices right? Served hot or cold, these Macao-born drinks are definitely worth trying.

Special Drink Series (served Iced) – 195php each
For Me (Black bear tumbler)
For You (White bear tumbler)

Now here’s the good thing about these special drinks, when you buy this, you’ll get the Tumbler for free and you can use it for your next purchase to avail the discount which is 5php for any drink and 10php for the same flavor. Yes! the flavor of each tumbler is fixed. Strawberry Milk tea for the Black bear Tumbler and Caramel Macchiato for the White bear tumbler. I really like the idea of it since I’ve been watching a lot of videos for the past days about ways of reducing plastic waste. So why not bring your own tumbler plus you get discounted. Nice!

Aside from the special drinks, here are some of my personal recommendation from their menu :

Soda Series (served Iced)
Over the Rainbow Soda – 165php
Refreshing and perfect to quench your thirst!

Cream Cheese Series
Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea – 120php

Milk Tea Series
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea – 100php

More photos of what I’ve tried from their menu:

I also tried their ginger flavored milk tea and the taste is quite mysterious for me. It has something like of a combination of different tea leaves and I think its perfect for the hardcore tea lovers. Wait… how do you call them? super milk tea lovers? Hehe. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it.

For their cakes, I like their Oreo Cheese cake and for the breads, I like their Pizza Bread.

Will definitely go back to try their Cream Cheese Uji Matcha. Really looking forward to it.

To those of you who have visited Macao Imperial Tea in SM Lanang Davao City, comment down below and let me know your favorite drink.

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P.P.S. Thank you Ms. Irene Co for inviting Davao Digital Influencers and Congratulations to you and your team.

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