Boxed Up : Container Van Food Park in Davao City

It has been a month since the first ever food park in Davao City opened its doors to the millennials and millennials by heart. Boxed up, the first ever container van food park here in Davao is such a great addition to the booming food spots in the city. Luckily, I got the chance to see this place a day before it opened for a Media Night. Together with my co Davao Digital Influencers, I got the chance to explore the different kind of cuisines and the place itself. Now, this post is for those of you who have not yet been to Boxed Up and to those who are visiting Davao City soon.  Shall we start the tour?

The Place


Food Stalls and their recipes




















Boxed Up has more than 30 stalls inside. You can’t just enjoy Filipino cuisines because they have a lot more options to choose from. They have Thai, Malaysian, French, American, Chinese, Mexican and more. But my top 3 picks are, Hav Sambal-U especially their Chicken Rendang, Tuna in a Basket and Lemonwood Cafe Cabin.

Boxed Up is located in Surveyor St. Doña Vicenta Village, back of Chowking Bajada, Davao City. They are open from 5:00PM until 2:00AM.

It’s a must visit guys especially for your merienda/snacks cravings. Take note, they are affordable also.

Thank you, to Sir Gatchie and Team DDI for the experience. Will definitely go back!

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