Insta-milktea by Nestea

The newest addition of Nestea in their products is a dream come true! Haha! As exaggerated as it may sound but yes that’s legit! I have been waiting for this day to come. An instant Milk Tea? As in an affordable Milk Tea! Because why not! Right?

I know most of us here in Davao City have already been to different tea/coffee shops out there. Yes!  a “dream come true” because this will save me a lot from those milk-tea-craving-days. And just so you know this blog is up for more thrift finds. Hehe!

They got three flavors already. Namely Wintermelon (green), Hokkaido (yellow) and Thai (orange). So far I tried the first two on the list and my favorite is the Wintermelon flavor. And did you know that to make it more like those served in your favorite coffee shops, add it with a Grass Jelly by Jolly. Then you’re complete!

Looking forward for more flavors to come. Nice one Nestea for coming up this insta-milk tea.


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