Cheap Eats in Davao City Vol. 1


So you found your self in  Davao City this Kadayawan season craving for good food and worth the money food spots. Well, congratulations! Davao City is the place to be. A place where there is so much to see, so much to learn and so much to do like eating. And with the continuous rise of different restaurants in the city, I’m still for those budget friendly, the inato and low cost set up yet comfortable eateries and of course those that are budget friendly.

Here’s a list of cafes/restaurants/eateries in Davao City that I kept visiting  :

Baby Puto

They are known for their Puto tapol, Puto maya and other pinoy snacks. My personal favorite is their Chocolate drink with milk and special Pansit Palabok. The place is located right in the heart of Agdao Public Market specifically in Stall 26, Building 3, Agdao Public Market, Agdao, Davao City. So you can expect the crowded set up but that’s what makes Baby Puto. You get to enjoy every bite of your food in the busy lobby of the market. You can actually buy some of their food in less than 10php so a budget of 20php to 100php is already enough good for 1 person.

Golden Brown Restaurant

I am happy to know that they renovated their place yet the price of their food remains the same. This is a good place for group dine in because their platters of food are really sulit. Everytime I visit the place I always recommend to whoever I bring here for the first time their Whole Deep Fried Chicken and Squid Sisig in Butter (drool). This is located in Gov. Duterte Street, Davao City and you can have a budget of 150php-250php each to satisfy your tummy.

Blue Cafe

Sad to say, I have no photo for this restaurant. I usually eat here with my officemates and I think no one remembers anymore of taking a snap with our food since we usually visit here during our monster like hungriness HAHAHA. This is located exactly the same with Blue Carabao’s Restaurant location in Monteverde Street Davao City. One of their best seller is their hinalang and beef dishes. They have a good serving size which I think perfect for sharing already. If you’re going here with a friend, 2 viands are already enough to make you full. You can prepare a budget of at least 100php-200php each here.


Chicken BBQ? Penong’s! Yes! that’s a top of mind awareness I guess for every Davaoeño. Penong’s is a homegrown restaurant here in the city serving Filipino dishes with unlimited rice. Clap clap! You can enjoy here with a budget of about 130php to 200php only. My personal favorite is their chicken BBQ, Seafood Pinakbet and Okra Salad. They have more than 20 branches here in Davao so it’s really convenient and it’s also recommended for those dining with big groups.

Tuna Express

Tuna Express also has different branches here in Davao City. Of course, their specialty is their grilled Tuna and kinilaw. If you are craving for sea foods in affordable prizes, you can visit them during lunch or dinner. Some of their branches I’ve been to is in Roxas Street and the other one in Mc Arthur Highway fronting NCCC Mall. A budget of 100php-200php is already enough for this restaurant.

Roxas Night Market

After all the times I’ve been to Roxas Night Market I didn’t actually have a decent photo of the foods haha! Basta! Name it and Roxas can offer to you budget friendly food that you can crave for. Roxas offers a lot of options from street food to all time meals, desserts, different flavored juices/drinks, etc. Personally, I love the the butche in matcha flavor and the freshly squeezed lemonade. Also, that fried dumpling one called dragon balls is yummy. A 100php budget is already good when in Roxas Night Market of Davao City.


Located in Uyanguren  Street Davao City fronting Sta. Ana National Highschool is this old Japanese restaurant. I keep on coming back here for their Katsudon. It’s worth it for me since it costs less than 100php only. The place is quite small and the interior looks old but they’ve been serving for I guess more than a decade now since I’ve seen this place even before I move here in Davao City 10 years ago. I think their best seller is Katsudon and it’s what people kept on coming back. However, they also serve other Filipino food like Tinolang Manok, Lechon Kawali, etc.

Coffee at Yellowhauz

If you want a cozy place where you can work or bond with friends, Yellowhauz located in V Mapa Street, Davao City is the place to be. I love their Pasta, Coffee and Pizza. They are one of those cafes in the city with affordable food in their menu. You can budget at least 200php to 300php here and their food is already good for sharing. They are generous with their servings size most especially with their kinds of pasta.

Keepsakes Sta.Ana

I like how you can choose a lot from their menu. They have chicken, fish, beef, pasta, desserts, frappe, and juices! My recent favorite from them is their spicy chicken buffalo wings which only cost 100php with Iced tea already. I also like how they design their interiors. This is one of the cafe’s in Davao City na hindi pinilit ang theme =). Students in HCDC and SPC are lucky enough to have this cafe near them.


Located in Jacinto Street and Matina Town Square, Davao City. Like any other cafes, they have these chicken, pork and fish dishes. Also, desserts, juices, and coffee but Cafetiere is just one of those budget friendly cafe’s  I’ve been to here in the city. I like the minimalist feels of their interiors. Really worth it here as well.


So that’s it! This is not a sponsored post and everything said above are just random. They are not arranged based on who’s the best or who’s the least for me. They are all my personal choice and I hope that when you visit Davao City this Kadayawan 2017 you would be able to try and explore more food spots here. Taga Davao ka? Comment down below for your cheap eat finds! Thanks for reading and Happy Kadayawan season!


P.S. :

Sorry for the low-quality photos. I just copied them from my previous Facebook posts but I will be posting more cheap eat finds here in Davao soon so stay tuned. Hopefully, I’d be able to use better photos by that time.

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