Self-care & Money Management Session with Sun Life Financial Philippines

Last August 5, 2017 I was lucky enough to be invited to the event by Sun Life Financial Philippines called “Mom’s Day Out”. Obviously, the event was intended for Mothers but some slots were opened for future Mom’s like me or what we call as Tita’s of Davao to also experience the pampering and at the same time financial planning session.

I think you will agree to me that pampering could be the best treat we can give to ourselves after all the hectic family life or overwhelming work demands.

So during the event, we were treated with a short yet relaxing back massage from the therapists of Elysia Wellness and Spa. It was actually my first time to experience a legit massage (haha!) and would love to try whole body massage soon as I realize that it really does help with muscle relaxation. Truly grateful to Sun Life for this well deserved experience.

We were also treated to a yummy snack by Park Inn by Radisson and I had a chance to mingle with some other participants and did enjoy the chit chats we had with Team DDI  Mommy bloggers.

full-house 🙂

But more than that, the event highlighted the importance of Balance Motherhood and Self-care which was discussed by Ms. Michele Alignay, who became my instant role model in terms of our profession, Psychology.

Ms. Michele Alignay

I believe that this event was very timely. We were reminded of what for me are actually basics of life and yet taken for granted most of the time being a busy bee or as busy Mothers for that matter. That those emotions are a product of our conditioning. That life is not what happens to you; life is about what you do to what happens to you. That basically, we have a choice.

Also, the financial planning part was discussed by Ms.Maylene Almonte, Sun Life Financial Phils.- Mindanao Cluster Head . She emphasized more on the advantage of Mother’s having an Education Fund for their kids.

Ms. Maylene Almonte

Sun Life Financial Philippines offers #MyFutureFund which will help mom’s achieve a college fund for their child. “It is a target date fund that invests primarily in high-quality stocks and a mix of government and domestic corporate debt in accordance with an asset allocation strategy that promotes capital appreciation at the onset to maximize earning potential in the earlier years and shifts to wealth preservation to reduce exposure to risk as the maturity of the fund approaches.”

Although I am not (yet) a Mom, I would have to say that the general idea of the lectures still applies to my hustle and bustle life. And this I think is a perfect heads up for the Tita’s of Davao who joined the activity. It also reminded me of how my Mother was like while raising us up. Thanks Inay!

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Thank you Sun Life Financial- Philippines from Team Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. represents!

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here’s a bonus video to all the Mommies out there who are wondering if they are doing the right.

Watch this!


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