10 Reasons Why I’m a Proud DDI Member

Humbled and honored to be part of a community of passionate bloggers, video bloggers, and microbloggers in Davao region. Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. is the first and only SEC-registered blogging organization in Davao City. How time flies so fast and we are now celebrating our 1st year anniversary.

And while there are many blogging communities/bloggers rising up, writing about how to earn money through it or become an expert- I realize that blogging is not just creating a story but is now becoming more of the story creating the blogger. As a member of Team DDI,  1 year is just a short time yet but this group has influenced me significantly not just in writing/blogging but also my lifestyle.

1) Creating a digital record

Blogging has taught me well in tracking my personal experiences. May it be a transition where I have to adjust and struggle, a one for the books experience or maybe a blog about anything personal. Through this, I am able to see and somehow check myself growth.

2) Learning more about writing

I admit that I still have a lot to improve when it comes to writing. I joined DDI, because I look forward to joining technical workshops where I would be able to enhance my writing skills. However, joining the group means being updated with different blog niches and this gives me access to different styles of writing coming from the creative bloggers of the community.

3) Identifying meaningful things

Writing about what matters most. This helped me improve in choosing what is more important and eliminate those unnecessary life dramas I have most of the time.  Of course, you can’t write every little thing that happens to you on your blog and through planning what to write and how to do it is like counseling the ego. =) Blogging is an expression of something significant.

4) Becoming more open minded

The instant exchange of comments or ideas in blogs help me become well rounded. I get to hear the different point of views which somehow challenges me to look beyond my own understanding.

5) Meeting new people

Meeting the authors behind their blog sites is one of the things I like the most in DDI. I believe that reaching out to them instead of just keeping them virtual is very helpful. You get to build your networks and most importantly friendship. How I wish I could be able to attend all the events with the group but I am only available during my day off from work or maybe after work. >sigh<

6) Valuing positivity

The positive peeps as they call their group are also the hardworking officers of DDI. Their energy and passion radiate to the members of the community. Most of the time, I’m the kind of netizen who is less likely to engage in terms of liking, commenting, following on social media/blogs (how ironic and yeah I need to change) but once I find inspiring and motivating blogs/vlogs/social media posts, I kept on talking about it with my friends and officemates. I encourage them to visit and read the blog sites or watch the vlogs. Most of the time, I leave personal messages or email the author how that certain post affected me. Hi Ms. Chamee, S’ Glen, Mommy Vern, Kol Chito, Jake, Ms.Terre, Ms. Vanessa, Alyssa! You are all inspiring!

7) Sharing and caring

My experience with DDI last Christmas 2016 during our Charity event was my most unforgettable event so far. The team values not just online engagement but also the responsibility as Davaoeños to the people and the city. It was a one of a kind “party” the DDI way.

8) Inspiring others

Since I started blogging and joining DDI events, I know that somehow I am also inspiring others. Through blogging, readers and social media followers are updated with the piece of writing that you made. They get an instant access to a post which I consider as a form of a masterpiece and I bet that from that hundreds or thousands of subscribers/followers for sure someone finished reading it because it affects them and they can relate to it.

9) Owning a blog

As part of DDI, I know I still have to learn a lot and to make it happen I know I had to step up. So I finally decided to buy a domain and yes! This is it. Big thanks to co DDI member Kevin for making this possible. I honestly have not explored yet the nitty gritty or even perks of owning a blog domain. That’s what I look forward the most with DDI; more workshops and fun learning experiences.

10) Changing the life style

Before buying the domain, I know I have to be more specific compared from my previous blog site. I think it is much easier to build an audience if I am on point with my niche. Coming up with “minimalism” as the main idea of this blog site, not just in the lifestyle itself but also in photography, thrift shopping tips etc., I know from the start that it entails change and I’m a work in progress.

Thank you, DDI Officers and co DDI Barkadas and congratulations to us for a year of Engaging, Influencing and Making a Difference. We are #OneDDI .

DDI would like to thank the following sponsors for their love and support:

Platinum: Smart Communications, Inc., AirAsia, FWD Life Philippines
Gold: PLDT Home
Silver: Jolly Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Bronze: Abreeza Ayala Mall
Benefactors: Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp., Cecil’s Snack Inn &amp; Restaurant, Seda Abreeza Hotel, Marco Polo Davao, Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Davao, M Magazine.


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