10 Significant Things of 2016

last selfie for 2016. credits to my best friend.

2016 happened really quick. Though it was actually like the previous years full of ups and downs but what made my year 2016 different are the new learning’s and experiences I had. Thus, here are the highlights of my 2016.

1) Last 2016… walang work out pero daming kain.

Every girl knows the struggle. With all those things that I want to do, I always end up overestimating my efforts and believe that I always need a reward. That’s through satisfying my cravings. Huhu How to be payat this 2017?

2) Last 2016… I became braver.

First in the bucketlist ticked off- to visit the Northern most province of the Philippines, Batanes. Even went there solo and which made it more overwhelming. What can I say? Awesome, amazing, surreal…but those are all an understatements. Like what they say, Batanes is not meant to be googled…it has to be experienced. Sana pag hindi na ako masyadong sentimental, ma post ko na ‘yong travelogue about it. Napaka personal kasi ng trip na ‘yon. Sabi nga ng Tita ko, “di ba napaka duwag mo nong bata ka? Sumakay nga ng bus takot na takot ka na” hindi daw siya maka paniwala na kinaya ko yon. Narealize ko na lang, nakalimutan ko na palang maging duwag. When I look back, still it was the best experience I had last year.

3) Last 2016… I realize mahirap magkasakit at may magkasakit.

Ito yong nangyari last year na isa sa pinaka ayaw kong mangyari ulit this 2017. It was about 3 weeks when an Uncle of mine was admitted to the hospital due to severe stomach pain. I was there from admission to processing of requirements for the laboratory tests up until to the negotiation to different authorities just to prioritize the needs of my Uncle. It was heartbreaking to realize that we can’t afford the private hospitals for a faster service and I remember the moment when I need to beg for a wheel chair because Uncle is about to pee and there was none available. (Kakurie agaw laong pa ni Lola T_T). A friend of mine said, pag may problema ka daw, pumunta ka lang sa hospital at marerealize mo na mas marami pa yong may mabigat na problema kaysa sa’yo. ‘Yon din yong pinagpapasalamat ko. Hindi pala ako o kami ang may pinakamalalang problema. We only need to understand that every situation is a blessing.

4) Last 2016… I did a little something for my country.

If you’re my friend in facebook, you know what I mean. I have been an active supporter of the man who used to be a Mayor in the beautiful City where I live. Now, he is the President of the Phillippines and the first from Mindanao. His Excellency President Rodrigo Duterte was a big part of my 2016. I was active in his social media campaign and activities in Davao City, distributed ballers, printed posters and campaigned for him in our province. I know it’s the least that I can do as I believe that he truly is for the Presidency. And I never regretted that.

5) Last 2016…still I can’t deny that I feel taken for granted by my closest friends.

Spent few months of 2016 (and the previous years) feeling down about this yet at the end of the day I always realize that it is my choice. I truly have my whole heart for my brothers and sisters so I guess I need not complain anymore. Laban for us this 2017!

6) Last 2016…I had a new family.

Met a new family and that’s my DDI Barkada- The Davao Digital Influencers. We are a group of social media influencers in Davao City. A group of awesome and inspiring individuals. I thank Sir Glen Santillan and the officers for the chance to be one of the group. Our recent Christmas Charity event will be featured here after this blog post. To more events this year DDI.

7) Last 2016…I paid and will be paying a big amount of debt by a family member.

This recently made my December 2016 too difficult to handle yet I always try to find good in every experiences I encounter. I realize that at the end of the day, a family will always  be there no matter what.

8) Last 2016…I learned to give more than what I am receiving.

Not just because Giving Back is my mantra for 2016 but it was the year when I truly realize that if we give, we are being blessed more. I struggled financially last 2016 but I know I can still give and extend help. I did it and just before the year ends, God is so good that I truly feel His message telling me that I am blessed. A very good experience to bring this 2017.

9) Last 2016… I continually learned my worth.

A lot of my highschool friends got married this year. It was 9 years ago when we finished high school at napaisip ako, ang bilis ng panahon. 9 years na at may forever na sila. Ano bang ginawa ko sa 9 years na ‘yon? Then I remember, there was a part of my past 9 years that I risk for forever. To make this short, that time I know I am in love, got hurt, and chose to stay but at the end of it, I was the one who decided to end the story since he indirectly told me to do that. This time, I realize it’s not love at all. It was the most significant turning point of my life. It made me valued my feelings and my self. I learned my worth. Pero ang saklap! Muntik na naman akong umibig nong 2016. Humabol pa sa last quarter ng taon. Buti na lang hindi pa ako nahulog narealize ko na agad na hindi talaga magwowork. Pero naniniwala parin ako sa forever. If I need to be better and be in full color for the next 9 years possible naman pero wag naman Po sana haha. Alam ko pinaghahanda na ako.

10) Last 2016… I finally got a .com blog (this blog).

Valuing simplicity more and trying to make things easier and hopefully maintaining lesser stuff inspired me to create a new blog. To own a .com blog is actually part of my bucketlist. I’d like to thank Kevin of Team DDI for helping me on this. I am lucky that my first event for 2017 will be about wordpress workshop…timely for this new space in the web. So excited because it’s happening this week.


This 2017, I look forward to more opportunities to grow…more time for those things which matter the most. Thank you 2016 for the learnings and opportunities. Cheers!


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